Grüner Riss

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WIRKUNGEN…Euphorie, Energiegeladen, Fröhlich, Hungrig, Kreativ, Schläfrig, Entspannt und Erhebend

HEILUNGEN…ADD/ADHS, Angstzustände, Depressionen, Müdigkeit, Appetitlosigkeit, Schmerzen, PTBS, Stress

Gewicht 30 g

4 Bewertungen für Grüner Riss

  1. Harlot Queen (Verifizierter Besitzer)

    It was stressful to get bitcoin, but now I know, hopefully I win the next promotion.
    For now I’m getting high every hour with this.

  2. Kels M (Verifizierter Besitzer)

    Here from Australia, nicest quality.

  3. Thomas G (Verifizierter Besitzer)

    I am still waiting for the promotion you guys promised me last time.

    • enjoy

      Hello Thomas G,
      the bonus attached to every product is released only you place your second order, that’s why you got your first package without it.

  4. Arnold Wayne (Verifizierter Besitzer)

    I appreciate you guys for a job well done but hate the fact that i’m always not on the same time with the delivery agency, i get their calls mostly when i’m at work.

    • enjoy

      Always use your tracking code to know the state of your delivery. Thank you.

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